We are a local Mayan family from Guatemala.
Started from the bottom, but now, we own several local businesses. Our aim is to support our community and the regional economy by providing jobs for locals.

How everything started…

Pedro was born in Guatemala. When he was four years old, his family moved to Santa Cruz, at Lake Atitlan.
In the beginning, life wasn’t always: being the oldest child, of the seven kids, Pedro started to work when he was 6 years old. Her Mom used to make chuchitos, a traditional Guatemalan dish. Pedro went around the town, from house to house, selling as much as he could of her Mother’s delicious chuchitos. That was the time when he realized he has a good sense for business and sales.
When he was 12 years old, he moved to Guatemala City. At night he went to school, but during the day he was working at a shoe factory. In the weekends he visited his family and gave them money for support. But after four years, the “gangs” in the capital started to look after teenagers like Pedro, so he moved back to the lake.
Living around adults most of his time, he quickly realized, that to support his family he has to invest. But his father told Pedro, that he must work as everyone else: at constructions or at fields. Working hard, day-by-day, but he wanted something else. This is the time when he started to paint. His family still didn’t support him, with all his different ideas of making money…
Until a lady came to their house and bought the painting he made. His family was really surprised, and they realized that he could make more money with his art. Pedro started to teach his father to paint as well.
Feeling encouraged, he wanted to support his family even more, so he started a Spanish Language School in San Marcos. It was hard to manage the school, having a lot of experienced foreign business owners around him. But he had a lot of students in his school and he realized, they want to explore the country. So, he started a new travel agency as well.
Meanwhile he had to move his Spanish school to Santa Cruz. Now, he had to face even more difficulties, so in a short time, he had to move his school again to a new place. When new problems came up with the new property of the school, he met the owners of the Hotel Arca de Noé. He made an offer and soon, he was the new owner of the hotel and the restaurant.
Slowly, he started to gain more and more respect from the people around the lake. But he always had to face new challenges.
Now, with his beautiful wife, they manage a Spanish Language School, one of the best-rated travel agencies in Guatemala and two hotels. They help the locals all over the country, not just giving them job opportunities, but encouraging them to start their own businesses.
This is the story of Pedro.

Why choose us?

First of all, all these local companies have the possibility to grow and to become successful, because everyone who came across the experiences and the services we offer, where satisfied. By choosing us, we can show you what we built up and what we learned all these years, so you can have a wonderful time in Guatemala.
Secondly, choosing to stay at our rooms, going on a tour with us or learning Spanish with our teachers, you help our community to grow.

Thank you for choosing us and giving us the possibility to show you Guatemala as we see it!

Welcome to Lake Atitlan!

Welcome to Guatemala!