We are a Guatemalan leading sightseeing company; involved in Tourism since 2005, we are a local expert, offering tours to big and small groups. Our tours include nature adventures and cultural tours throughout Guatemala’s attractions.
We are an innovative tour operator with professional experienced staff, assistants and guides; offering customized tours for individuals, groups, travel agencies, institutions, students, luxury vacations and families in Guatemala, as well as special interest tours ranging from archaeological trips to birding tours.
Taylor made itineraries: all our tours can be fully customized, we are experts in designing vacation packages combining all the benefits of group travel with the flexibility of independent free time to create a balanced experience for each and every traveler.
We want you to enjoy your trip! That’s why we will create a high-quality itinerary for you based on your preferences, ideas and goals to ensure an enriching and authentic experience.

Why choose Us?
We offer a variety of things to do, adventure and ecotourism tour packages in Guatemala with exciting itineraries designed for individual visitors, small and large groups. Due to our many years of experience in the travel industry, we offer competitive prices with no compromise on quality.
We are highly recommended by our customers on Trip Advisor an award that recognizes the quality of our services and hard work and dedication of our team.
About our company
In 2016, we decided to change our company name to Voltan Adventures. Voltan is the Mayan God of the Earth NOT to be confused with Votan (the Mayan God of War).
Over the years our company has developed a stellar reputation as one of the best tour operator within Guatemala. Because our base of operations is at Lake Atitlan and our former company name was Tours Atitlan some people would confuse our company with a competitor whose name is similar. We noticed a trend. Numerous tour operators were incorporating the lake into their company name and this was leading to much confusion.
Because our company is Mayan owned and locally operated we decided it would be best to embrace our culture and take a more distinctive name to avoid confusion. So welcome to Voltan Adventures. To read about our company’s past reviews please see our customers Trip Advisor reviews under our old company name: Tours Atitlan, and after your trip with us, please post a review under our new name so we can begin a new tradition!


Discover Guatemala with Us!

Hiking tours
Guatemala has some of the most beautiful terrains in the world. From the wide open rolling hills to the highlands, the green leafy jungles, rich waterways and lakes, mountains of the Mayans, and the alien rock landscapes of several of Guatemala’s active and dormant volcanoes; Voltan Adventures has your hike covered. The best part is that you are not limited to hiking in the wild, take one of our fun urban treks, or better yet, combine the two. Join one of our experienced local Guides take you through the fascinating history of Antigua as you see the famous arch, parks, churches, and historical buildings.
We offer a wide range of hiking tours and can tailor them to your comfort level. Experience Guatemala with one of our tour guide ambassadors who will facilitate great interactions between you and the locals. Gain insights into the Mayan people and their culture. Explore local cuisine and gain access to places off the beaten path.
Cultural experiences
Guatemala is a country that is rich in tradition, history, beauty, and culture. We’ve put together some exciting and educational tours which cater to your adventure style: walking, hiking, boating, cycling, bird watching, and shopping, with experiences that will immerse you in local Guatemalan culture.
As a locally owned and operated tour adventure company we are proud of our Mayan heritage and we are excited to share our culture with you. The sights of our local employees in their indigenous colorful attire and out-going friendliness will delight and astound you. Our tour guides will be a gateway to interactions with locals, which will provide fun and lasting memories to share your with your friends and family.
Guatemala has a wide range of indigenous bird species. Voltan Adventures is proud to offer several birding adventures in and around Guatemala. Our bird watching tour guides are highly skilled and trained in bird identification and they know the best spots to find Guatemala’s indigenous birds.
One of our favorite birds that we like to show our guests is the horned guan (Oreophasis derbianus) near one of the volcanoes at Lake Atitlan.
The best part of our birding tours is the extensive local knowledge and expertise in birds our guides provide. Your guide will come with his own binoculars, take you to the bird-watching spot of your choice, and assist you in locating some of Guatemala’s most exotic birds. We offer birding tours for singles, couples, and larger groups.
Private and customized services/tours
We want you to have the best time in Guatemala! Plan your own private adventure with us: we can pick you up at the airport and take you to your dream destination of Guatemala.
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