Overall Guatemala has a pleasant climate that offers itself to year-round visits. Generally speaking, there is no bad time to visit Guatemala. People call Guatemala ‘the country of eternal spring’ as it’s warm with chilly evenings all year round. The best time to visit Guatemala is considered from November through April when the sun is shining pleasantly, the weather is mild and bright events like Day of the Dead Kite Festival and Easter happen. However, this period is the most expensive and touristic, especially during the Semana Santa. To avoid the crowds, plan your trip during the shoulder and low season from May to October. Rainy period in Guatemala is not that bad.-
The highlands are known for having beautiful warm days but cool nights, while the lowlands around Tikal are usually hot all year round, with humidity increasing from May onwards.
Best time to travel Guatemala
View from Hotel Area de Noe, Santa Cruz la Laguna